What’s your Why

I love this movie. I can watch it anytime. The whole story is just a great example of coming back and having something to fight for. It also shows how important our WHY is to our life and our goals. Jimmy Braddock and his family went from the comfort of wealth and moderate fame to utter despair during the Great Depression.

During the course of the story, he promises his kids that they won’t leave to go with another family member that can better support and more importantly feed them. In a moment of despair, the wife, Mae sends the kids off to her sisters. There isn’t enough food and the electricity gets turned off. Jimmy can’t take it and i won’t spoil the story for you…however he gets his shot.

In this scene, he is fighting the contender that will go on to fight the national champ. Its a tough match, but at one point, the contender, Art Lasky gives Braddock his best shot. That shot stuns Braddock and knocks out his mouth guard. Lasky thinks he’s got the fight. At that point, Jimmy Braddock visualizes what he is fighting for, his family, milk….

The best part of the movie, in my opinion, happens at that point. Jimmy smiles at Lasky and shakes off the powerful punch. Lasky at that point knows he cannot win.

Here’s the point… with any WHY, we can go through any HOW. The body will give up before the mind will, however if the mind gives up, the fight is over. What’s your why? Goals, Days and Life is easier when we know why we are fighting….


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MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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