Feeling the View.

It struck me today on my way home, how wonderful life is, particularly my life. I’m commuting my shortest commute of my life on public transportation in a city that I absolutely adore and fall deeper in love with everyday. I’m going to a home that I love to a wife I’m head over heels with and who elevates me to be a better person; and 5 amazing kids that remind me that life is wonderful and the blissful joy of the journey, namely discovery and growth; from a job that challenges me, develops me, stretches me into a leader and fulfills me; and made up of an amazing team that I am humbled to lead and who are willing to follow me as together we climb a company that I have tremendous respect for; all in a custom suit that feels amazing, and let’s face it, most likely makes my ass look great; surrounded throughout the world with caring friends who I love and who I’d walk through fire for; heading into a weekend full of family and my favorite sport, baseball played by my favorite athletes, my kids.

I won’t dismiss the providence, luck opportunity, gifts and blessings that I’ve been given, but I’ve worked my ass off for all of this. I don’t mean for this to sound self indulgent or boastful. Most days are full of self doubt, second guessing and demanding more of myself, and today I feel the blessings and for today, I am going to enjoy it. (Or at least right now I will).


About rjkunz

MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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1 Response to Feeling the View.

  1. Georgianna Stout says:

    No wonder at all that I can observe the path is unfolding so well before you…and those of who are also co creating this journey with you. You show appreciation and give back to all those around you who are privileged to learn and grow with you… by just being your best self!

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