Happy Fathers Day!!


What a touching story. There is no greater job than being a father.  It is the most important and fulfilling.  I wish all of you fathers and father figures a happy Fathers Day. 

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Feeling the View.

It struck me today on my way home, how wonderful life is, particularly my life. I’m commuting my shortest commute of my life on public transportation in a city that I absolutely adore and fall deeper in love with everyday. I’m going to a home that I love to a wife I’m head over heels with and who elevates me to be a better person; and 5 amazing kids that remind me that life is wonderful and the blissful joy of the journey, namely discovery and growth; from a job that challenges me, develops me, stretches me into a leader and fulfills me; and made up of an amazing team that I am humbled to lead and who are willing to follow me as together we climb a company that I have tremendous respect for; all in a custom suit that feels amazing, and let’s face it, most likely makes my ass look great; surrounded throughout the world with caring friends who I love and who I’d walk through fire for; heading into a weekend full of family and my favorite sport, baseball played by my favorite athletes, my kids.

I won’t dismiss the providence, luck opportunity, gifts and blessings that I’ve been given, but I’ve worked my ass off for all of this. I don’t mean for this to sound self indulgent or boastful. Most days are full of self doubt, second guessing and demanding more of myself, and today I feel the blessings and for today, I am going to enjoy it. (Or at least right now I will).

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Self Talk

I am sitting here, watching Game 7 of the World Series. I love watching high pressure, high performance sports. Sports mimics Life. It takes your very best to win. Life is a high performance sport. The one with the biggest stakes and the most beautiful rewards.

Have you ever noticed athletes talking to themselves? Mouthing phrases? What do you think they are saying? Do you think they are reviewing all their doubts and failures? Do you think they are replaying all their mistakes? Wondering how they got there? No. They are self talking about excellence. They are reminding themselves that they deserve to be there at that time; that they are the best. Excellence takes best in class, unwavering self talk.

What are you saying to yourself? Are you your own worst enemy? There is enough negativity out there. Don’t contribute to those voices. Tell yourself how deserving you are. You are awesome.

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Vision for your day

I find the notion behind the very popular book, The Secret, to be a bit obnoxious. Namely just wish hard enough by sending vibes out to the universe and you will mysteriously be rewarded by that same universe with everything you want.

I hate it for the same reason that people equate success to luck or birth or ‘just at the right place at the right time.’ It leaves out the foundation of success: vision, planning, hard work, retooling, passion and resilience.

Now that bring said, they did get it right in one key area, a vibrant picture of your goals. I love to start many days (I try to mix it up) with this video. Decide what you want. Then, go hustle. Don’t wait for it to come to you.

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Go Change the World….

I love graduation speeches. The moment when young adults are on the precipice, looking at the vast open canvass of the future. That glance is both terrifying and liberating. I have always appreciated the wisdom of those who have gone before us, sharing the pitfalls and the thrills of the journey ahead. The world is at your feet. I still remember that moment in my life vividly.

To share a quote I received today from someone who is very important to me:
“But why think about that when all the golden lands ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad your alive to see? –Jack Kerouac.

The graduation speech in general is about this quote. Go see it all. Build the life you want. This graduation speech is fantastic. I have enormous respect for our military, and specifically Navy SEALs. I’ve read about their training and that reading alone made me uncomfortable. Anyone who has lived it, is a rock star. They have earned the right to impart advise.

This is a great speech. Go change the world. It only starts with making your bed….

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If you knew you only had 5 years left…

If you were told by your doctor that you only had 5 years left to live, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you call? What would you tell those you loved? What would you want to experience? What would you learn? Where and what would you eat? How sweet would every moment be? How happy would you force yourself to be? Would you roll over or LIVE!  Would you give a damn about what other people think?  Would you let fear rule you, or would you demand  the life you know you could live?  I’ve read that hell is nothing more than seeing what your life could have been if you had used your talents. What would that life look like?

If it would be that fulfilling for you when life has a deadline, why not do it now?  Why not live the life you could?  Because life does have a deadline. Enjoy the journey.  Wake up, live. Soak it up!!

As Jim Rohn says, “Regret weighs tons.”

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SURVIVAL Mode, (They don’t teach it in school)

SURVIVAL Mode, (They don’t teach it in school).

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