What, What?!? (About)

This is my blog. il bloggo di Rich Kunz. For those of you who don’t parlo italiano, that means the blog of Rich Kunz (source: Google Translate). Rich Kunz is short for Richard J. Kunz. This is off to a bad start…

Blog is short for Web log. I am what you would call an early adopter, and a sarcastic one at that. Somehow, while running a regional office for a Fortune 500 Company, managing and leading some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, acquiring new talent that will lead us to the future, selling and retaining, networking and mingling, training, being a student of business and sales, managing what’s between my two ears (believe me, it takes all 3 of us), being a life-journeyman and adventurer, being a (super)hero (I hope) and a father of 5 unique and joy-filling kids and being a spouse and partner to the most amazing, smoking-hot wife on this planet, I am going to attempt to draw a few meager ideas together.

This will look like quite an eclectic collection of randomness. I have so many ideas, thoughts and inspirations, some very plain and some a bit more exciting. It may not appear to make sense to you, but if you were in my head (Lord help you), it would be clear as day.

I have had the chance to learn, taste, see, touch and experience so much and I fear that my kids will miss out on what I’ve learned. Most days, I miss most of my own lessons, so I hope that this will be my journal, my memoirs and my legacy. Although I admit it…I hate it when people write their memoirs and legacy and act as if they have anything worth passing on. I agree. But most of this is for me and I hope for the spawn. This is my gift to them. For the rest and those that have the misfortune of falling into the middle of this self-dismissive author’s imagination, I am sorry or you’re welcome.

What will you find? I hope to put together thoughts on sales, leadership, business, the insurance industry, motivation, videos, book reviews, old memories and experiences; and of course some joy, pain, humor, and life in general. I promise that it won’t be any one of those, but all of them. After all, it’s the journey, not the destination…



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