Vision for your day

I find the notion behind the very popular book, The Secret, to be a bit obnoxious. Namely just wish hard enough by sending vibes out to the universe and you will mysteriously be rewarded by that same universe with everything you want.

I hate it for the same reason that people equate success to luck or birth or ‘just at the right place at the right time.’ It leaves out the foundation of success: vision, planning, hard work, retooling, passion and resilience.

Now that bring said, they did get it right in one key area, a vibrant picture of your goals. I love to start many days (I try to mix it up) with this video. Decide what you want. Then, go hustle. Don’t wait for it to come to you.


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MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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