Self Talk

I am sitting here, watching Game 7 of the World Series. I love watching high pressure, high performance sports. Sports mimics Life. It takes your very best to win. Life is a high performance sport. The one with the biggest stakes and the most beautiful rewards.

Have you ever noticed athletes talking to themselves? Mouthing phrases? What do you think they are saying? Do you think they are reviewing all their doubts and failures? Do you think they are replaying all their mistakes? Wondering how they got there? No. They are self talking about excellence. They are reminding themselves that they deserve to be there at that time; that they are the best. Excellence takes best in class, unwavering self talk.

What are you saying to yourself? Are you your own worst enemy? There is enough negativity out there. Don’t contribute to those voices. Tell yourself how deserving you are. You are awesome.


About rjkunz

MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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