Deliberate Results

I saw a little video clip by Zig Ziglar on goals.  He was overweight and he made a comment that he was deliberately over weight.  Deliberate only because he never ate by accident.  We are who we are by our decisions.  We are who we are, like it or not, by OUR decisions.  Those can be proactive or reactive decisions, but they are decisions.  Inactivity is a decision.  Poverty is a decision.  Poor health is a decision.  Lack of knowledge is a decision.  Hard to hear, but its real.

Another idea… Good Habits and Bad Habits are formed the same way.

Another item from Zig:  “If I ask you what 3 x 3 is, everyone will know it immediately.  If I ask you what 5,342,876 / 97 is, you won’t be able to answer immediately, however you can figure it out.  Why?  Because you know the formula.  You can achieve any goal if you know the formula.”


About rjkunz

MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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