Why the Bonsai Tree?

I have been asked why I have a fascination with bonsai trees.  As you can see, I even use them as a back drop to this blog.  Fair question.

First and foremost, I just think they are cool.  While I am sure you hoped for a more elaborate, complex answer, it partially is based on that.  I just have always loved trees.  I love autumn and leave colors.  I love walking through forests.  Ok, then why mini trees?  I find it amazing to see a tree, grown from the same seed that fills a forest, in a small pot.  Even cooler if it is a forest bonsai.

Second, (warning: a geek moment) I was a huge fan of the Karate Kid growing up.  Still am.  I am thrilled that my regional office is in ‘The Valley’, very close to the story.  Again, geek moment.  Of course the bonsai tree plays a prominent role in that movie.

Thirdly, and maybe more appropriately, I love bonsai’s for what they represent, namely, tamed nature.  I have always had to work hard on myself to be where I am and stay on my path.  I find myself having to ‘tame nature’ on a regular basis.  Tamed Nature can be beautiful.  It can be a smaller representation of a much larger universe.  I believe that.  These beautiful little trees can remind me of that daily.  As such, I usually have 5-7 of them at any time in my office.  I love caring for them.  I love seeing whole collections of them.  I love the variety and the peace they seem to provide.

That being said, it can also be a reminder of what can also happen if it is not tended to.  I have sadly had to bury quite a few trees as well.  I hate losing bonsai trees, but then again, I hate losing.

So nature must be tended to daily.

So…. that is why bonsai trees.


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MkD for Aflac CA/BA Rampage. Father of 5. Husband to 1. Friend to All. Well, many.
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